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Lucy wins but faces high hill to mount at Dar es Salaam

A moral boosting 2-1 victory in front of record home supporters over its Tanzanian encounter, Ethiopian national women side “Lucy” faces a high hill to mount in the return leg decisive match in Dar es Salaam in two weeks. The aggregate winner books a place in the 8th nation’s women cup final to be held in Equatorial Guinea.
Abraham T/Haimanot’s 4-4-2 formation appears flawless except for the strike force that failed to convert goals despite clear domination by the home side in midfield. Eden Zuleika, Bertukan G/Kristos and Zuleika Juhar were so industrious the visitors again and again backed off to their goal line rather than worry about ball possession. Though the home crowd was in full support and they carried the ball possession for all to to see, the strong side Tanzania managed to take the lead through number “9” Fatuma Mustefa at the 29th minute. Surprisingly enough the home side was business as usual until eight minutes in to the break when Helen Seifu converted the equalizer from a spot kick. At her first ever international match midfielder Zuleika was absolute in both passing and controlling skills while Birtukan’s dribbling was at its best. However, target duo’s Rehima Zergaw and Shetaye Gemechu were nowhere like their old selves missing target after target.
So entertaining and full domination in ball possession, the home side its usual handicap, that is discovering a real striker capable of converting whatever good ball is sent to her. The defensive line led by skipper Bezuhan Endale was handlines its business but if they can stand under high pressure is yet to be seen during the return leg where they are proud of their women’s side.
“We have poor at finishing but I am happy with the result,” Abraham told reporters after the game. On the other hand the visitor’s coach Charles Bonifes remarked he is happy with the result but disappointed in his sides’ performance.  Lucy travels to Tanzania in two weeks to a decisive return leg against a side that won 3-1 here in Addis Ababa. A win means Lucy will take part in the nation’s women’s cup final for the third time.