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Making the ordinary extraordinary

Plastic bottles, phone cards, hair and wax became art that took a critical look at environmental sustainability from an Ethiopian perspective at a competition to promote emerging artists with innovative approaches.
At the second edition of the Fana Wogi 2012 competition three finalists: Hirut Gizaw, Muluken Dessalegn and Tewodros Bekele showcased their work at the Modern Art Museum on Thursday May 31st 2012. Tewodros Bekele, the winner of the competition was awarded 10,000 birr thanks to sponsorship from Origin bottled water. Ironically bottles are what he uses to create crafty sculptures. The artist who also came up with creative uses for plastic mobile phone credit cards that are only used one time and then thrown away, says he want to see more green space to counter the massive construction boom in the city. 
“There is no space for nature,” he says.
The Fana-Wogi 2012 opening of art exhibition is organized in collaboration with Goethe-institute in continuation of its 50th Year anniversary.
Muluken Dessalegn creates participatory art, engaging the audience by inviting them to scratch the wax off his painting to discover secret drawings underneath.
Hirut Gizaw says her hair collages symbolize life, nature and femininity.
She also is concerned about keeping Addis green.
“There are no trees, no air to breath and the city smells bad,”  she said.  
Curated by Aida Muluneh, the Goethe-institute and the Modern Art Museum/ Gebre Kiristos Desta Center launched the annual Fana Wogi open call as a platform to promote emerging Ethiopian contemporary artists with innovative approaches. Eligible applicants are Ethiopians under 35 years of age, using media such as drawings, installations, paintings and photography. The next Fana Wogi 2013 open call will occur in September. The exhibition will stay open until June 28th.