Capital Ethiopia Newspaper

Pepsi lovers rejoice

Moha Soft Drinks Industries Share Company added a new production line to its Summit factory which boosted its production capacity to four million cases per annum from 1.5 million cases earlier. The new production line is costing the company 230 million birr. It is building its eighth factory in the capital city of Tigray regional state; Mekelle town, 785Km north of Addis Ababa, at a cost of 350 million birr. This factory alone can produce up six million cases per annum when completed in a year and half. The company is also in the process of receiving land in Jima town of the Oromiaya regional state to build its ninth bottling factory. The tenth anticipated factory would be in Dire Dawa. Moha Soft Drinks’ combined production capacity currently stands around 40 million cases per annum. This alone can satisfy the need of consumers until  2015.
According to Getachew Birbo, President, his company satisfies about 55 percent of the market demand for soft drinks. Their annual sales turnover reached 1.5 billion birr last year which meant a 300 million birr gross profit. The need for soft drinks has been increasing as more roads are opened and new towns are flourishing, according to experts in the soft drink industry. The massive road development the country is engaged in is regarded as a blessing to the industry.  Moha Soft Drinks Industries started its operation with 117 million birr seed capital. However, now its gross assets have reached 1.7 billion birr while its net capital is 700 million birr. We are in a very viable financial position at present, says the president.  Moha Soft Drinks creates 2,700 permanent and 500 temporary employment opportunities for Ethiopians.