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World’s biggest injera producer to source 720MT teff for farmer’s union

Mama Fresh Injera PLC, the world’s largest injera (Ethiopian staple bread) producing company, based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding and contract with the Erer Farmer Cooperative Union, the Ethiopian Agricultural Transformation Agency, Oromia Regional Agriculture Bureau (BoARD), and Oromia Regional Cooperative Promotion Agency (ORCPA). The signatories intend to establish a partnership to initiate and execute a contract farming project in Ada’a that enables Mama Fresh Injera to source 720 MT of Teff for the 2012 planting season. Their goal is to extend this relationship for multiple years based on successes and lessons learned. Pursuant to the contract, Erer Farmer’s Cooperative Union will deliver the Teff in three phases. The Burayu market price will be used as a reference to determine the price for Teff in each of the three deliveries. From the reported price, Mama Fresh Injera will pay an additional 100 birr a quintal premium for the Teff that meets the quality standard specified in the contract. Mama Fresh Injera will offer to finance purchase of weather insurance and at least 50 percent of the union’s aggregation expenses if the need arises.  Mama Fresh Injera supplies fresh injera, dircosh (crushed dry injera) and diverse types of traditional sauces to both international and domestic markets.
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