Capital Ethiopia Newspaper

Adika: expect more from Teddy Afro and other artists

Adika Communications and Events Company revealed that the Ethiopian public should be anticipating even more from Teddy Afro and other artists in the upcoming months.

Ashenafi Zeleke, General Manager of Adika told Capital that four out of the ten remaining tracks on his album are being turned into videos.

The revelation comes hot on the heels of the acclaimed release of Teddy Afro’s much anticipated “Tikur Sew” video at Hilton Addis on June 5 in the presence of veteran and upcoming artists.      

The 7 min and 20 second epic to be distributed freely reportedly cost close to half a million birr and took nearly two months to produce. It features 420 people 32 horses, several mimic tablets, traditional warrior costumes, antique rifles and swords and is the first artistic release since Teddy Afro’s Easter namesake album “Tikur Sew,”.

The “Tikur Sew” video was a product of Sabisa Production, with executive producers Adika Communications and Events Company and Belema Entertainment Private Limited Company.

Ashenafi said the concepts for the four music videos has already been worked on while others are just in the beginning stages.

“We plan to make music videos that are timeless and can be accessible across the generation line so we’re selecting the next group of videos on this basis,” remarked Ashenafi.

He also said that the reported dispute Adika had with Teddy Afro about the sponsorship of Diageo Meta beer factory has already been resolved and on the part of Adika it’s ready to continue collaborative works with the company on a sponsorship basis.

Adika also revealed that crooner Mikias Belaynehe’s music album has been planned tentatively for release for September.

Reggae influenced artist Hailemicheal Getnet “Haile Roots” and Nathanael Ayalewe “Nhatty Man” who are managed by Adika are set to travel for concerts to major US and Canadian cities starting in mid July with their bands.