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Ethiopia fourth in African IT


The fifth ICT exhibition and conference opened on Wednesday June 6, 2012 at the Addis Ababa Exhibition Center. The exhibition with the theme, “ICT is the Road to Development and Transformation,” had participants from local IT colleges, training centers and government agencies who work in the ICT field and international companies from China, Egypt and England who are producers and developers of ICT products.

“This exhibition is a really good place for consumers and producers to develop a relationship, as well as for countries to share experiences,” stated Debretsion G/Michael, Minister of Communication and Information Technology.

Hardware manufacturers, IT solution providers and government ICT training centers made up the exhibition.

The minister stated that according to the International Online Service Component Index 2010 Ethiopia was originally in 111th place, but has now climbed up to 80th place internationally, while the country is currently in fourth place in Africa next to Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia.

“There is a lot being done to reach the government’s goal in the area of communication and information technology, we want to establish state of the art data centers so that individuals as well as organizations are better informed,” said Debretsion

Heliping  all secondary level schools as well as universities to have better access to the Internet Is another major goal of the ministry. Debretsion stated that by developing fiber optics transmission broadband speed has grown to 6.82 GB; enabling users to receive larger amounts of data at a faster rate than before.

The exhibition that stayed open until June 10 was organized with the aim to bring multi-stakeholders together to share knowledge and experiences; while encouraging partnership through discussions about ICT issues.