Capital Ethiopia Newspaper

Ethiopia to sell electricity to S. Sudan

The state power utility Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation (EEPCo) brokered its fourth power export agreement with the South Sudan Electric Utility Corporation on Thursday June 7.

The two state owned power corporations agreed on two accords that include interconnection project studies and installation of a transmission line to connect the new country that got its independence from Sudan on July 7, 2011.

The contract signed between Mekuria Lemma, Corporate Planning Head of EEPCo and Ajuoi Chol, General Manager of South Sudan Electric Corporation, at Radisson Blu Hotel states that the interconnection project will be undertaken in two phases.

“The first phase that will be implemented in the near future is the installation of 230 Kilo volt(kv) transmission line from Gambela along the Ethiopian border,” Mekuria, who signed the agreement on told Capital.

Mekuria said that the second phase involves the installation of another line from the under construction Grand Renaissance Dam, which is being constructing on Blue Nile River about 40 kilometres  from the boarder of Sudan in Benshangul Gumuz regional state.

“This phase will have a 500KV transmission line installed from the dam to South Sudan,” the corporate planning head of EEPCo explained.

The South Sudan Electric Corporation has already begun studying how to install transmission lines to the Ethiopian border. However, based on the current deal, both parties have agreed to revise the study.

The deal stipulates that both corporations have to assess external financers to undertake the study and to implement the two project phases.

The agreement made with South Sudan is the fourth of its kind that will connect Ethiopia after Djibouti, Sudan  and Kenya.

EEPCo has begun exporting electric power to Djibouti last year after the interconnection line was installed.  Recently, Mihret Debebe, CEO of EECPo, told journalists that Djibouti is getting about 50MW of electrical power from