Capital Ethiopia Newspaper

Fire ravages shops at Bole Michael

A fire that broke out around the Bole Michael area, on Thursday June 7 at 4:55 am destroyed over 134,000 birr worth of property.  The fire destroyed eleven Small and Micro Enterprise (SME) shops popularly known as Arkebe Shops, that house beauty salon, laundry, Internet centers and other small shops.

“It is a very tragic story because there are people who are trying to get themselves out of poverty and feed their families, they are devastated,” Solomon Mekonen, public relations head of Addis Ababa Fire and Emergency Prevention and Control Agency said.

It took over an hour, 19 fire fighters, two fire truck as well as 9,000 liters of water to put out the fire. The fire brigade was apparently able to save four million birr worth of property.

“Some of the shops violated fire safety codes, they had activities going on which could easily expose them to such disasters,” said Solomon.