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Goethe ends its 50th anniversary by tracing memories


The Goethe Instituted culminated its 50th anniversary celebration last  Thursday June 7 with an exhibition that showed the history of the institute by focusing on the different buildings it called home.  Arat, Amest and Sedist Kilo have housed the Goethe-Institute in Addis Ababa and each building has its own unique architectural history. Photographer Antonio Fiorente captured the stories of these “Goethe buildings” in photographic collages and ensembles.

A presentation by FasilGiorghis, an Architect and a teacher at Addis Ababa University, gave a glimpse of the history behind the buildings  The event was also a farewell party for ElkaKaschi Mohni who has been the president of the Goethe institute for the last three years.

The exhibition is curated by Leo Lefort and it will be open July 6th 2012 ,Monday to Friday from 10am to 5pm.