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New coffee processing facility for Dire Dawa

ALFOZ Private Limited Company, a company engaged in the export of agricultural product, has built a modern coffee processing warehouse at a cost of 20 million birr in Dire Dawa, located 535 kilometers east of Addis Ababa.

“The new coffee processing facility will further boost our capacity. We want to dedicate this processing facility only to the green coffee bean produced in Harargie. It creates an additional capacity to export six containers at a time,” said Ali Hussein Mohammed, the Managing Director of the Company.     

The new coffee processing facility built on 7,700 square meters has a capacity to store 500,000 sacks off coffee at a time. A sack of coffee weighs 60 kilogram.

Though the company’s main export item is coffee, it also exports sesame seeds, cereals, and meat. It imports trucks and oil following market signals.

“We export not only coffee but also sesame, cereals and meat. Coffee is our main export item. We also import items like heavy duty trucks, oil and any other items whenever there is a shortage. We committed five percent of our export earning to import anything in short supply in the domestic market. By doing so we try to help the domestic consumer beyond raking in hard currency to the country,” argued the managing director.

In the past 10 months of this Ethiopian budget year, the company has exported 10,000 tons of coffee to the United States of America, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Korea, and Jordan according to the managing director.

The company which was established in 1998 owns a coffee farm around Jima town of the Oromiya Regional State. The farm which is meant to produce specialized organic coffee is 200 hectares wide.

ALFOZ also owns a coffee processing warehouse that holds 30,000 tons of coffee and coffee roasting machines with an installed capacity to roast 5,000 tons of coffee. It creates employment opportunity for about 1,000 citizens both permanently and temporarily.