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Water brings Nepalese to Ethiopia

A Nepalese delegation visited Ethiopian water projects to share ideas about improving water resources.

“We have visited many institutions and met many people to learn about how the government in Ethiopia is working in the public sector and grassroots level,” said Shital Babu Regmee, Secretary of Ministry of Local Development of Nepal.

According to the leader of the delegation, the group of Nepalese wants to observe how water is managed in rural Ethiopia.

“People’s involvement in the developmental process is something else we want to know about,” Shital Babu said.

They also want to understand how all the governmental agencies interact in brining safe water to the people.

Over the seven day visit they held very serious discussions with officials at Ministry of Water and Energy and Ministry of Finance and Economic Development.

“In addition we spoke with officials of the Finland Embassy, which facilitated the visit, and other donor agencies,” the delegation leader said.

“The major issue we talked with the ministry offices about was how to finance and develop the water project including small as well as big ones. And the other issue we discussed with the ministries is how to harmonize the donors because we want to have one set up, procedure, one guideline and  funding like this country,” the secretary added.

The delegation also paid a three day visit to the southern region at Hawassa (Awasa) and Arbaminch. Discussion with regional officials and visiting water and sanitation schemes are part of the field visit.

The two developing countries look forward to building stronger relationships as they have similar features in life standards and development.