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Nebyu Lemma

Nebyu Lemma

Education: BA in Marketing Management

Company name: Prana Promotion

Studio title: Managing Director

Founded: 2010

What it does: Marketing, Promotion, Public Relations, Consultancy, Trainings.

HQ: Mexico, Kale Building

Number of Employees: fourteen

Startup capital: 100,000 birr

Current capital: Growing

Reason for starting business: Marketing contributes a lot to the economy and there is untapped market potential.

Biggest plus of ownership: You become hard working and committed to your own dreams.

Biggest strength: I always finish what I start; I think that’s one of the keys to success.

Biggest weakness: Sometimes I would like to be able to accomplish more.

Smartest Move: Starting to organize events, among the other things we do, I think was a smart move.

Biggest worry: I work hard on something, I give it everything I have, if something happens after that then it is out of my hands, therefore I don’t worry about it.

Favorite task: We give personal development trainings to young people, I really enjoy that.

Most challenging task: Marketing involves convincing people, which can be challenging.

Plan: In the next few years we want to help one million young people to be successful in the things they do by providing different trainings as well as building our company to a larger scale.

First Career: I used to work in network marketing.

Most Interested in meeting: Anybody who has worked hard and has gotten somewhere.

Most admired person: My mother, she raised me and my brothers alone, she is a very strong woman.

Stress reducer: Meeting up with friends, watching movies and going out of town to connect with nature.Favorite past time: I really like reading.

Favorite Book: “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”

Favorite Destination: I like visiting different parks.

Favorite Automobile: BMW

Favorite Film: Anything that is interesting and that makes you think.