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Afar, Issa clashes leave 3 dead, 8 wounded

Fighting between Afar and Issa communities along the main Djibouti highway last Thursday claimed the lives of three men in the Afar Regional State. The violent conflicts between Afar pastoralists and two of their neighbors, including the Issa and Karrayyu, occur most of the time from recurrent droughts, resource appropriation, and livestock raiding. Frequently, the fighting among the Afar and Issa communities took place on the same highway, particularly around the areas of Dubti, Gadamaitu up to Giwane.
“Last week’s clash was caused by a group of armed individuals from Issa by opening fire on three individuals who were at the time protecting a broken heavy truck that was traveling from Afar to Addis Ababa,” said Abebe Worku, public relations officer at the Ministry of Federal Affairs. As the clash echoed among the Afar communities, they were provoked for revenge and this led to an exacerbation of the conflict to a greater extent, Abebe said.
(The Reporter)