Capital Ethiopia Newspaper

Bezaiet Alemayehu

Name: Bezaiet Alemayehu
Education: BSC in Architecture
Company name: Addis Trends
Studio title: Designer/Owner
Founded: January 2011
What it does: Sells handmade wood and leather earrings, necklaces, wristbands and other types of jewelry
HQ: Mela Shop at Olympia and Lafto Mall, Tropical bazaar and Exhibition Center bazaar
Number of Employees: None

Startup capital: 3,000  birr 
Current capital: Growing

Reason for starting business: I have interest in making jewelry
Biggest plus of ownership: Flexibility
Biggest strength: My ability to engage with customers and sell products
Biggest weakness: My time management skills but I am working on them
Smartest Move: Advertising and selling products at bazaars
Favorite task: Designing and making jewelry
Most challenging task: Finding venues to sell my products
Plan: To expand the business First Career: sales woman
Most Interested in meeting: Eleni Gebremedhin (Ph.D), founder of ECX
Most admired person: Donald Trump
Stress reducer: Watching movies before going to sleep Favorite Book: Making jewelry, interacting with customers, meeting friends
Favorite Destination: Beijing; Tiananmen Square
Favorite Automobile: Range Rover
Favorite Film: Black Knight