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IOM starts relocation of Sudanese refugees in Ethiopia

The International Organization The International Organization for Migration (IOM) said it has started the relocation of Sudanese refugees in Ethiopia from Damazin Transit Centre to a new camp called Bambasi. According to a press release IOM sent to ENA Thursday, the first batch of 438 refugees has arrived in Bambasi, the third camp in Benshangul Gumuz State, on 11 June 2012. The Al Damazin Transit Centre reached maximum capacity over 14,000 refugees as of June 2012.
The breakout of the conflict at the beginning of September 2011 between the Sudanese armed forces and the Sudan People Liberation Movement North (SPLM-N) has displaced tens of thousands of refugees into Ethiopia. Asylum seekers continue to cross into Ethiopia looking for safety and security. Over 27,000 Sudanese refugees have been provided with transportation and pre-departure medical checks to the various refugee camps in the state.
In May 2012 alone, over 2,500 refugees arrived at Benshangul Gumuz State thus bringing the total arrivals for the first five months to over 9,500 according to a UNHCR report. While providing transportation assistance, IOM is also preparing to start a shelter project for Sudanese refugees in Bambasi camp. IOM is set to assist in building 1,500 shelters for the refugees.
(The Ethiopian Herald)