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Jah Lude to rock Addis

The long awaited concert by Jah Lude will be held on July 7th 2012 at Lafto Mall. The concert entitled, “Degs” will be organized by ABC Sound and Yesakal Entertainment and is expected to attract an audience of around 5,000 people. Along with Jah Lude, Dawit Melesse and other guest performers will be showcased. 
ABC said they were excited about their imported high tech sound system and a fiber glass stage which allows lighting to come through the floor and shine on the performers.
“I’m very excited about this concert, it is an opportunity for the audience to see me live and understand my music even more. There is a different connection with people when you do live music,” said Jah Lude at a press conference held on Tuesday June 19th 2012 at Hilton Hotel.
The reggae singer, song writer was born and raised in Addis Ababa. Jah Lude’s music is heavily influenced by Ethiopian culture. The singer didn’t get any formal education in music but he has been writing songs since he was eight years old.
This might be the first major concert for the singer but it certainly is not his first time on stage.
“I performed at various venues  before I went into the studio to do the album,” he stated.
Right after Jah Lude’s album was released; there were also other artists who released their album which some said, led to his album not selling or being heard as much as it should have.
“I don’t think the fact that other albums were released had an effect on mine, as far as I know my music has been heard and it is continuing to be heard, I knew other artist were going to release their albums while I was in the studio but I was not concerned about that,” he said.
Jah Lude will be performing with his band called Zanta.
“They are a very talented group of people, I really like working with them and I hope I will continue working with them ten years down the road, we are a family,” he said. Yesakal Entertainment is also working on Jah Lude’s other concert in the US which is to come soon.
Entrance for the concert will be 300 birr for regular tickets, while VIP is 500 birr.