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Livestock, meat export earn Ethiopia over USD 200 million

Ethiopia earned USD 213 million from the export of meat and livestock in the past 10 months of the budget year according to information obtained from the Ministry of Agriculture. Live animal exports represent 71 percent of the export earning while the remaining 29 percent is from meat export.  This represents 62.5 percent performance against the USD 340.4 million export earning plan of the country.
“The gain from the export of meat and livestock is low even against the plan for the year. The main reason behind the low performance is the level of Ethiopia’s market tie with the international livestock market. Ethiopia has emphasized traditional meat and livestock importation.  This year’s plan takes into account the effect of new slaughterhouses which should increase capacity,” argued Tefera Deribew, Minister of Agriculture while presenting his ministry’s performance to the House of People’s Representatives two weeks ago. 
The country planned to export a little over 27 thousand metric tons of meat this Ethiopian fiscal year. However, in the past 10 months of the year it managed to export close to 14 thousand tons of meat, which raked in USD 62 million. In the mean time, 597 thousand livestock have been exported, earning the country USD 151 million; more than 291 thousand goats and sheep, 240 thousand cattle, 65 thousand camels and 872 other animals.
The country is building four modern animal quarantines in four different parts of the country to reap the benefits of its huge livestock potential.
The livestock population of the country stands first in Africa and 10th in the world. Though huge in number, the contribution of the livestock to the overall national economy of the country is low.
Livestock makes up an estimated 18 percent of total agricultural output. Ethiopia is home to more than 55 million cattle, 25 million sheep, 20 million goats and  500 thousand camels.