UKBA staff ‘unfairly rejecting’ African visas, report finds

UK Border Agency (UKBA) staff processing visa applications from Africa are “acting unfairly” and wrongly refusing entry to the UK, an independent report, quoted by the BBC, claims. Chief inspector to the UKBA, John Vine, was quoted as having said many visas were incorrectly rejected after employees “disregarded or misinterpreted” evidence. Some applicants were being refused for failing to provide information that had not been originally requested, he said.
The agency said it took the findings “seriously” and would improve training. A UKBA spokesperson said the agency was prioritizing improvement. He said: “We take the independent chief inspector’s findings seriously and are making reforms, which include providing detailed guidance to applicants and improving the training for staff handling visa applications. The UKBA must offer a high quality service for genuine applicants while ensuring that those who do not meet the immigration rules are prevented from entering the UK,” he added.
(The Daily Monitor)

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