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USAID to assist new development programs

A grant agreement amounting to USD 1.54 billion was signed between the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and the Government of the United States of America

to support the Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP) in a ceremony held at the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development (MoFED) on Tuesday June 19, 2012.
The signing ceremony was attended by dignitaries, state ministers and regional heads and by U.S. Ambassador to Ethiopia, Donald Booth.
The agreement between the countries, signed by State Minister, Ahmed Shide and Thomas Staal, USAID Mission Director marks the implementation of a new USAID-Ethiopia Country Development Assistance strategy for 2011-2015 called “Accelerating the Transformation toward Prosperity”. The new strategy is tailored to complement and promote the goals of Ethiopia’s GTP up to 2015 through assistance grants which will be delegated to the Ethiopian government annually. In 2011-2012, USAID assistance grants to Ethiopia will total USD 675 million. 
USAID programs will help improve access to quality maternal, child and reproductive health care, promote sustainable economic growth and food security, improve the quality of primary education especially for girls and strengthen good governance practices for improved social accountability and conflict mitigation in programs in every sector. “…our prime goal is to help speed Ethiopia’s transformation to a prosperous and resilient country,” said Thomas Staal. “Achieving this goal will transform our relationship with Ethiopia from one of assistance to one of economic and social cooperation, trade and investment,” he added.
At the signing ceremony, Ambassador Donald Booth said that US assistance to Ethiopia for development is “working to enable people in every region of Ethiopia to live and work with dignity, and through their own efforts, to achieve the prosperity they desire”.
The mutually agreed upon goals for programs in education, health, agriculture, and good governance closely complement Ethiopia’s GTP strategy. The USAID strategy also addresses cross-cutting issues in all its programs covering the status of girls and women, the inclusion of the disabled, water, nutrition, conflict mitigation, and social accountability.