Capital Ethiopia Newspaper

“Walia’s” into next qualification stage

In the absence of Ethiopia’s latest football hero Salhadin Seid, Walia Ibex returns home with a 1-1 away game to make it in to the next qualifying stage with an away game goal advantage. Head coach, Sewnet Bishaw’s statement “If you can’t play like Barcelona, defend like Chelsea” came true.
Since Salhadin Seid is out for injury, Sewnet decided on a solid defensive formation with single striker Adane Girma in the front backed by five midfield defenders.The no nonsense defense from defenders such as Abebaw Butako, Degu Debebe,and Alula Girma played a crucial role in the match; keeping at bay the physically dominant Benin side. The host’s lead by England based Sunderland striker took the lead in the first nineteen minutes of the game through manipulating the fatal timing error from goalie Sisay Bancha. However, a minute before half time a long ball from Addis Hensa to Adane Girma managed to find the back of the net to equalize.
On the second half it was a one way traffic with Walia’s defending like Chelsea, while the home side using every trick to win. However, for the diehard skimmers from Asrat Megersa and Addis Hensa though Sewnet’s long ball tactic in the first half appear to Walia’s disadvantage. Tactical changes made in the dressing room which was to try to hold back the balls helped the visitors stay in composure. Goalie Sisay stayed busy in the second half but no avail for the home side trying very hard to win.
At the final whistle the score was a 1-1 draw. Ethiopia is going through to the final with an away goal advantage. There will be three months before the next encounter. Walia is just 180 minutes away from Nation’s cup final in South Africa in 2012 and this win means Ethiopia will be back in the cup final for the first time in 31 years.