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Colonel Awol cries foul on League Committee

Dedebit FC founder and President Colonel Awol Abdurakim is accusing the incumbent League committee of failing to organize the season’s fixtures according to the pre-set schedule. “Losing momentum in mid season while we were in good form cost us the title fight,” Colonel Awol remarked.

At a press conference, held at Hilton Addis on Monday, Colonel Awol denounced the League committee for failing to deliver what is expected of it. Rather than safeguarding the best interest of the teams it serves the interest of the Football Federation. “It is not an independent body functioning by itself. It failed to organize a season without interruption and this makes life harder on the teams,” Awol remarked to the conference full of reporters from almost every media outlet.

Just a day after its first ever defeat in months, this time to relegation threatened Defense Force, the president appeared furious. Addis Hensa’s red card and the 1-0 setback appeared larger than life as Awol’s blood boiled in the press conference. Not only Awol but many football fans believe it is a harsh decision on Addis, the rising midfield star, who is known to be disciplined.

Though Awol raised the same issue some months ago at a meeting held at Ras Hotel, many clubs chose to keep silent despite the continuous postponement of the season’s schedule. “It is a surprising failure not to complete a season’s fixture among 14 sides. I think the knock-out championship is already gone to the next season,” A football fan suggested after the press conference.

Many clubs agree with Awol’s accusation about the League committee. They call into questioning the referring, schedule postponement and functioning under the shadow of the federation. Although many of the clubs agree with Awol the problem is that no club appears in public in support of the Colonel’s opinion and no one considering that the League Committee has five members out of which three are from the football federation.