Capital Ethiopia Newspaper

Geta Walelign

Name: Geta Walelign

Company name: UBUNTU Counseling Center

Title: General Manager

Founded: 2012

What it does: Counseling and workshops for individuals, groups and families with any mental health or relationship difficulty including severe mental illness

HQ: Near Teferi Mekonen School 6 Kilo

Number of Employees: Five

Reason for starting business: Providing psychological counseling to help people lead meaningful and fulfilling lives.

Biggest plus of ownership: Helping others is living my dream and vision.

Biggest strength: Our clinical psychologists and professional team  has experience treating severe mental illness, addiction and other life challenges.

Biggest weakness: There is a huge demand for mental health services in Addis Ababa and right now we only have one office.

Smartest Move: Our name UBUNTU, a Swahili word that means being interconnected and a bridge to healing.

Favorite task: Providing personal development trainings

Most challenging task: Spreading the word that asking for help makes you stronger.

Plan: Opening a full scale clinic and healing centers for people with severe mental illness or who are experiencing crisis.

First Career: Psychological Counselor

Most Interested in meeting: Jack Canfield, Author of personal development books

Most admired person: Anne Frank

Stress reducer: Praying and meditation

Favorite past time: Reading motivational books and talking with friends

Favorite Book: Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle and Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Life by Steven Hayes

Favorite Destination: Semien Park Favorite Automobile: Chevrolet  Favorite Film: The Pursuit of Happiness