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‘And Kal’ Back on stage

In a lot of countries playwrights publish their work and they are found in book stores but in our country this is somewhat unusual. There aren’t a lot of plays that are published and put on the market for readers in Ethiopia. Usually we see plays on stages and it stops there.
‘And Kal’ is a play written by Tegenge Lemma that was published in 2011 by Rohobot Publishing. Before being published, the play was shown at Addis Ababa Theater and Cultural Center few years back. The drama had to be taken off stage because Munaye Menberu who was one of the main characters passed away .
“It was a big tragedy, and unexpected. It was really a big blow to the theater world to lose such a wonderful artist,” said Tegenge about her death.
The play revolves around the issue of love and some of the sacrifices that are paid for love. It also talks about how love can be the source of many great alterations that changes people’s lives for the better.
“The play has received a lot of good responses from people and it has produced lots of fans,” states the writer. The play is now back on stage to entertain theater lovers. “I have had a lot of support from different governmental organizations, they have recognized the play as educational for the society” he says.
“I hope we develop the culture of publishing plays in this country. Now Amharic movies are more popular than theaters, there are many movies coming out every month but it is totally opposite for theaters, I think if plays are published and reach people in print version, they would also be inspired to go see it on stage” says Tegenge.
Most famous plays like Shakespeare’s are published and playwrights should be encouraged to do the same in this country he concluded.