Capital Ethiopia Newspaper

Coach Carlos’ Summer Camp

Carlos Thornton, former professional American Football player, came to Ethiopia in 2005 on a trip to see the country. Two years later, he became a coach and managed to create one of the first summer camps in Ethiopia. This summer they are going to have the 7th annual summer camp.
The summer camp, for kids between the ages of 7-21, aims to teach proper techniques for various sports. In addition to increasing the skills of the participants, it will have educational classes in Language, Art, Swimming, Acting and Drama, Modeling, Hip hop dance, Sports and other recreational classes.
Three of his video clips will be made by students at the camp on his upcoming album “Refugee Camp”. Previously he has directed a movie “Afro Dreams” based on the story of Daniel Hiele former member of the Tasty sports club.
The Tasty sports club, also managed by Coach Carols is an organization responsible for developing kids’ sports talents in Ethiopia. The clubs mission is to develop professional athletes/basketball players who can compete on an international level.
“Our main aim is to create more opportunity for the youth through the summer camps and organizing events. “said Carlos and added,” We are trying to develop talent which will eventually help Ethiopia.”
The camp will be taking a trip to Axum celebrating its 7th year. Coach carols said, “I am excited to be going to Axum to see the beginning of civilization. In the past seven years I feel like this has all come full circle.”
The camp has been successful in organizing various classes of the Ethiopian society together for one specific cause of increasing the awareness of physical fitness and professional performances.
Over 150 students have become professional players or received scholarships due to their participation in the summer camp and other benefits which have economically blessed under privileged kids throughout the community.