Capital Ethiopia Newspaper

First step in producing fertilizer

The first phase of the construction of Yayo Fertilizer Factory owned by the Ethiopian Metal and Engineering Corporation (MetEC) is completed in four months ahead of schedule.
Back in March, MetEC awarded the construction for Tekelbirhan Ambay Construction Plc that amounted to 792 million birr.
Teklebirhan Ambaye, owner and manager of the construction company told Capital that his firm managed to complete yet its biggest project within a few months.
“We expected to complete the ground work which is mainly clearing part of the project within seven months but has been finalized in four months less than the initial plan,” he said.
According to Teklebirhan, for this success his company has mobilized huge man power and equipment.
“The company’s manpower management system is our basic success for transforming the projects that we undertake,” he explained.  
The local contractor is one of the successful construction companies in the country and this project is their first huge projects. He said the company’s experts travelled and settled way before they signed the agreement around the site of the manufacturing plant in Yayo Wereda, Illubabor zone, Oromia Regional State, some 625Km West of Addis Ababa.
The construction company also plans to finalize the filling work within in the next year, however it is initially was planned to be completed in two years.
Currently, Teklebirhan Ambaye Construction is expanding its capacity in terms of man power and machineries to be involved in other huge construction projects.
“In the near future we will get involved in railway, road and dam construction, after boosting our capacity financially and professionally,” the owner of the construction company confidently said.  
“Other local contractors are also expected to take part in similar assignments in different sections of the fertilizer industry. They should learn from our experiences to better achieve in their projects,” Teklebirhan added. According to the deal the construction firm is responsible for the civil work of the first part of the Yayo factory endeavor.
“In the beginning we were facing difficulties in areas of financial capability, human resource management and construction management. However we focused mainly on human resources, we believed in investing in people, we give the workers incentives to encourage them to work hard, that’s why the project has been going very smoothly and according to our expectation,” stated Teklebirhan.
The construction firm has also prepared a training facility for its employees to boost their capacity.
The company has also devised a five year strategic plan in order to compete with foreign companies that are going to  “sooner or later push local companies out of the sector.” “We are going to participate in dam operations and we are aiming to compete with foreign companies from countries like China, India and Turkey,” he added.
The 12 million birr study from the COMPLANT, firm that studied the potential of Yayo, reported that around 100 million tons of coal was found in the Yayo area. The coal has the potential to produce 300,000 tons of Urea, 250,000 tons of Dap fertilizer, 20,000 tons of ethanol and 90MW of electric power annually.