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House ratifies advertisement law

The House of Peoples’ Representatives endorsed a law that controls advertisements transmitted through different medias’ last Thursday, July 05, 2012. The new law also instructs a strict content-commercial ratio for both print and electronic media. It also reserves the right to undertake advertisement activity to Ethiopian nationals and foreign nationals of Ethiopian origin.
“Unless it is a newspaper or magazine established only to disseminate advertisement, advertisements disseminated through newspapers and magazines shall not exceed 60 percent of the whole content of each edition;”states article 20 (1).
The law bans sponsoring programs disseminating discussion of the House of Peoples’ Representatives, news program, current affairs program and children’s program. It allows the sponsorship of sports, metrology and business news if they are presented separately from other news.   
The law also states that advertisement dissemination through broadcast service should not consume more than 20 percent of its daily or a particular transmission time. In addition, the content and timetable of a sponsored program shall not fall under the influence of the sponsor. In particular, a sponsored program shall not agitate the sell or hire of the sponsors product or service.
The law reserves the right to engage in the advertisement business of any kind to Ethiopians and foreign nationals of Ethiopian origin. It says any Ethiopian national, a business organization established in accordance with the Ethiopian law and whose capital is not shared by foreign nationals, and any foreign national of Ethiopian origin have the right to undertake advertising activity.
The law allows advertisement of alcohol whose alcoholic content is less than 12 percent through different means of advertisement.      
“Any advertisement of liquor with more than 12 percent alcoholic content shall not be disseminated directly or indirectly through any means of dissemination other than outdoor advertisements and news papers and magazines which are not published on daily and weekly basis,” states article 26 (1).
“An outdoor advertisement of any liquor shall not be placed within 100 meter radius of a children care center, school, medical or historical institution, cinema or theatrical hall or a stadium,” adds article 26 (4).