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New standards focus on health, environment, dev’t

The national council of the Ethiopian Standards Agency (ESA) announced the ratification of 930 new standards. Two hundred sixty five revised and 665 new standards, will become part of the over 2,500 national standards in Ethiopia.
The Agency announced 5,852 standards just this year, which is considered an impressive performance.
“We didn’t have many experts in the agency before but now we have hired an additional 62 which will raise the capacity of the ESA,” stated Legesse Gebre, Standards Director.
He said the agency is working to raise the public’s awareness about the quality of the products.
“We want people to be able to buy products that have met the standards set for them and a label on the products confirms they have met the standard,” said Legesse.
The agency is also working with the Ethiopian Broadcasting Authority on ratifying a law that will help regulate advertisements on TV, radio and other media.
“Once the law is approved the media will not be able to air or print advertisements unless the products have fulfilled the standard requirements set by the agency,” stated Legesse.