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Photography, painting preserving memory

‘The art of memory’ is an exhibition that opened at the Italian Cultural Institute on Thursday, July 5, 2012. The exhibition showcased the works of Aida Muluneh and Emanuel Tegene. Aida who is not new to the art scene mixes photography with drawings. Her previous works have earned her the European Union Prize in the Rencontres Africaines de la Photographie in Bamako, Mail. Emanuel on the other hand had his first exhibition the same night. Emanuel’s first exhibition showed his work that is inspired by his eclectic view on his surroundings and most of his work is a reflection of both society and personal encounters.
The mix of both artists’ work, which is titled ‘The Art of Memory’ shows each frame captured like a memory while each stroke is a piece of a memory. The artists’ stated that The Art of Memory means presenting an idea of their inner self, captured moments that resonate a connection to their surroundings, of their past and of their inner truth.
They also stated that they were excited about the collaboration of photography and painting. An image captures the moment while a painting is a reflection of that moment. “Each is provoked by our sense we see today as borrowed dreams of tomorrow,” they stated.
Aida who is the founder and director of the first international photography festival, the Addis Foto Fest is also the director of the Museum of Contemporary Arts in Addis Ababa.
Emanuel was a student at the Ale School of Fine Arts and Design but left for an opportunity to live in Israel. Before he left the country he worked as a cartoonist for Salon Ethiopia newspaper. He currently lives in Addis Ababa.