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Somalia urges for more help to fight piracy

Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, president of the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia said that his country needs more financial and military support from abroad to fight terrorism and piracy.
Speaking at the opening of the two-day Marine Counted Piracy conference, in the Gulf Arab Emirates (UAE) of Dubai, the internationally recognized Somali president said that his country was suffering immensely from piracy. “Criminal acts from pirates range from illegal fishing, violent seizure of foreign cargo ships, killings and rape. Our country suffers economically and out civil society is being terrorized and humiliated.”
The Transitional Federal Government of Somalia has been fighting since 2006 against Al Shabaab insurgents. In August 2011, the government forces managed to force the Al Shabaab militia, regarded by the United States as an affiliate of the Al-Qaida network, completely out of the Somali capital Mogadishu.
However, Al Shabaab still controls most of the southern Somalia and supports pirate groups in the Gulf of Eden. Since August 2009, NATO naval forces have been deploying military ships to the region in order to protect cargo vessels against attacks from pirate groups.
(The Daily Monitor)