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AA municipality pays 586 mln birr compensation

City’s water coverage reaches 94pc

Addis Ababa city municipality revealed that it paid nearly 586 million birr to compensate people  displaced from ongoing redevelopment work during the just ended fiscal year, 2011/12. 
Four new projects on 47hct have recently begun, while six older redevelopment projects lie on 108hct.
The Lideta Phase Two project on 17.6hct, the Parliament expansion covering 4.4hct, the African Union area partial redevelopment lying on 11hct and the Basha Wolde project phase two on 14hct, are the city’s most recent endeavors.
The municipality revealed that out of the 586 million birr it paid out in compensation 470 million birr was for those that have had their houses demolished. Compensation figures range from 51,875 birr to 6 million birr.
Getachew Ambaye General Manager of Addis Ababa city Municipality however admitted that some plots aren’t proceeding according to plan. For instance, 36 people having set up illegal dwellings inside the Sheraton Addis Expansion project  and the presence of Police Garage have hampered progress of the project.
“We can’t just throw the 36 tenants out on the street even though they’re illegal, so we have to provide a place for their relocation,” Getachew said adding that the Parliament expansion project is also facing similar issues with “squatters.”
The Sheraton expansion project spans over two sub-cities; Arada and Kirkos lying on a total area of 42hct.
This fiscal year’s plans are in the works to redevelop 108hct of land across three areas. The four areas namely are the 56hct “Aroge Kera”, the 40hct Legahar area and 12hct  around the African Union headquarters area.
Another major work of the municipality was the provision of clean potable water access to the public with the authority saying it has been able to reach the city’s clean water coverage to 94 percent from the 73 percent coverage that it had at the start of the just ended fiscal year.
The recent inauguration of the Akaki Well field with a capacity of 73,000sqm was the main factor cited for the increase in the coverage of the city’s clean water supply.
The plan of the municipality was for Addis Ababa to have 100 percent water coverage before the end of the just concluded fiscal year.
The estimated need of Addis Ababa’s clean water supply is about 380,000sqm while the current supply is about 375,000sqm.