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Civil Aviation budgets 143.4 mln birr

The Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority (ECAA) revealed that it had budgeted a little more than 143.4 million birr for capital and ordinary expenses for the next Ethiopian Fiscal Year 2012/13. The budget will go mainly into projects ranging from a control mechanism for the aviation industry to various projects at Ethiopia’s numerous airports and airstrips.
Some of the projects to be undertaken are the Bole International Airport Radar improvement and tower upgrading, Gambella airport tower construction, air navigation facility and tower for the under construction Kombolcha airport as well as flight calibration console purchases.
Endeshaw Yigezu, Air Transport and Planning Director at ECAA said the budget planned for the next fiscal year is in step with the authority’s goal to have, by 2025, an internationally competitive and safety accredited civil aviation industry.
The five principal aims to achieve the goal forwarded by the authority are reducing airplane incidents, improving the service and safety of services given at airports, improving the mechanism for control of the air space and air traffic, increasing the air transport coverage as well as that of the private sector and producing sizeable competent and competitive aviation professionals.  
“So far, to achieve this goal the budget we got from the government was 96 percent of the normal budget request we forwarded and 100 percent of capital expenditure request, giving us the confidence that we’re on the way to achieving the 2025 goals,” said Endeshaw.
The other principal goal of ECAA is to increase the number of air transport services agreements it has by adding additional countries, while improving its agreements with existing countries.
During the Ethiopian Fiscal Year 2011/12, the Authority had signed new air transport agreements with countries like the Scandinavian trio of Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Portugal. While air services improvement contracts were signed in the same period with five countries namely Malawi, Israel, Singapore, Italy and the European economic power house Germany.
The authority signed a Memorandum of Association (MoU) for upcoming negotiations with six countries, among them was the world’s second populous country India, as well as Poland, Cameroon and Jamaica.
The 2012/13 ECAA programs are also part of the  five year Growth and Transformation Plan’s  (GTP) ambitious drive, which among its aims is to increase its international flight destinations by three to 68, local flight destinations from 17 to 20 and the private sector involvement from 21 to 27.