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Coca Cola soon to come out in plastic

Coca Cola announced that it will come out in plastic bottles next year. Bottling the product in plastic will cost USD 50 million. At a press conference held on Wednesday July 11, 2012 at Radisson Blu for the launch of this year’s “Coca Cola Gold” consumer promotion, the company announced that it was also planning to invest USD 300 million in the country during the next five years.
“We are planning to open a brand new factory in Bahar Dar next year and we hope to bring more interesting brands in the next three years as well,” stated Godrrey Iriso, Finance Director.
The press conference also stated that as a contribution to protecting the environment, there will also be a recycling plant for the plastic bottles produced by the company.
Based on the promotion held last year, once again Coca Cola is back with 150 gold coins in 10,50, and75 grams and a million free drinks to be won by consumers. This year’s promotion will include all the company’s core brands, carrying promotional gold color crowns where the winning numbers and free drink symbols will be found.
Last year’s promotion was held as part of the company’s 125 year anniversary. It ended with 125 people walking away with 125 gold coins in a variety of weights. This year’s prizes include 150 coins and a million free drinks, costing the company around USD 700,000.  
“We plan to get our customers excited about our products. The winners of last year’s gold coins had their lives change very positively after the win; we are very excited that we get to change more people’s lives,” stated Nalaka Hettiarachchi, sales and managing director.
As a safeguard to ensure all winners receive their prize, specifically the gold coins, consumers are advised to take their winning combination numbers to the East African Bottling Company to claim their prize.
The company also stated that to manage the new factories that are planned to be built, managing staff will be brought from abroad.