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Doraleh Terminal gets new CEO

Storm disrupts operation

Doraleh Container Terminal Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Hans de Jong was relieved from his post as of today July 15 having completed his mission in Djibouti. He is temporally replaced with a former manager of the Port, John Fewer.
Jong who served the port starting from September 2009 replacing Jerome Martins Oliveira, managed to create a smooth operation between the port and the Ethiopian side during his tenure. The relationship had been turbulent before his appointment marred by disagreement with many in Djibouti and in Ethiopia.
Oliveira had rejected a request made by Ambachew Abraha, former managing director of ESL, to the government of Djibouti to be granted dedicated access to berths at the Port of Djibouti inadvertently costing his job back in 2009. 
Jong who was appointed after this incident tried and managed to normalize the situation.
John Fewer, 68, worked as transitional CEO of the port on different occasions and has now been appointed temporarily for three months to run the terminal. John served DP World in different positions including as director of Dubai Ports International (DPI) where he served more than six years. He was working as a consultant at DP world before his appointment. 
Hans de Jong has moved to DPWorld Dubai office to take on an assignment still related to African Port businesses.
In related news a heavy storm hit Doraleh Container Terminal and blew away around 130 empty containers this past week disrupting operation.
According to eye witnesses, the storm also managed to cause minor damages on two trucks that were lining up to take loads from the port.
The damage by the storm took four days to clean up and the cost has not been verified by the time we went to print early Saturday morning. Some trucks from Ethiopia were also stranded for 24 hours as a result of the storm.
The problem has been resolved and business is as usual now.