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ERA lagging on rural road project

The Ethiopian Road Authority announced the performance of the Universal Rural Road Access Project (URRAP) which is part of the Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP). It was intended to construct 71,523Km in roads in five years or 14,000Km per year, in the rural areas. However so far only  9,582Km have been completed.
Financial issues,, lack of consultants and contractors and construction materials not reaching sites at the right time or in the right quantity are reasons given for the delay. They are hoping this can be alleviated through increased commitment to the project,, foresight of potential problems and effective solutions as well as being able to obtain construction materials quickly.  At a meeting held at Ghion Hotel Friday July 13, 2012 it was noted that Oromia and Dire Dawa states have shown exemplary performance in achieving their goals. However, other states lagged behind for reasons such as lack of budget, skilled man power and volunteers.
The country wide project organized a training for 1,087 contractors and consultants.
Meanwhile, construction materials that are now available are only 6,361, which represent 60 percent of what is needed.
The objective of the URRAP is to give people living in rural areas access to roads. Currently only 30 percent of roads are accessible, when the project is completed it is expected to increase the accessibility to 80 percent. The project is also expected to involve an additional 316 consultants as well as 962 contractors with an estimated cost of 26 billion birr.