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New stimulator, plane for Abyssinia

Abyssinia Flight Services, one of the leading private air operators in Ethiopia revealed that it’s in the process of acquiring a flight simulator and flight training aircraft for its training school worth an estimated 380,000 Euros. The flight simulator is expected to be installed by August 24; after a qualification is given by the Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority (ECAA). The machines are expected to boost the school’s teaching endeavor, supplementing three other diamond flight simulators. 
According to Abera Afini, manager and chief ground instructor at Abyssinia Flight services pilot training school, the flight simulator which was bought from Austrian based Diamond Aircraft Industries at a cost of 175,000 Euros also includes general maintenance, personnel training and instructor training. The contract for the flight simulator was finalized last month.
“We’ve been training prospective pilots for the last six years. We have had19 students from Ethiopia as well as from both North and South Sudan and Saudi Arabia,” Abera said adding that the school will continue to boost the students’ numbers by buying more flight simulators and training aircraft in the future.
The Abyssinia flight training school also purchased a Cessina 172 at a cost of more than 203,000 Euros from Africa Air, based in the city of Miami, USA.  That company distributes planes and spare parts.
Capt. Amare Gebrehana, deputy managing director at Abyssinia Services said that although the four seated aircraft can be taken on private chartered flights, the company plans to only use it for training prospective pilots.
Abyssinia Flight services, the first private airlines company, was established in April 1999 after the introduction of the market economy and the partial loosening of air services with the 1993 investment code of Ethiopia, which as an auxiliary had partially liberalized the airlines sector.
The company currently has five training planes and five passenger airplanes that make charter flights in Ethiopia and surrounding nations.