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BHO helps cobblestone street program

Bright Hope Organization (BHO), a nongovernmental organization, is undertaking social improvement projects with a 20 million birr budget every year.
Dr. Getahun Nesibu, founder and head of BHO, said that the organization has supported various development programs at a cost of over 200 million birr since its formation in 2002.
He said that the organization plans to expand its development programs in collaboration with relevant government offices and international partners.
BHO has become a major financial and material ally for street inhabitants by working with the development program of the Addis Ababa Labour and Social Affairs’. Since the program started last year it has helped supply medical equipment, empower communities and provide disaster relief. 
Tadesse Benti, Head of the Addis Ababa Labour and Social Affairs said that the NGO is indeed one of the most significant partners for the street inhabitants’ development program.
The previous three street development programs focused on producing cobblestones and teaching people how to lay them. For these endeavours the organization supplied medicine, production equipment and additional food and clothing for trainees.       
Currently, the organization is working on a social based children’s support program in four sub-cites of Addis Ababa and Aksum town, Tigrai region. According to BHO’s founder, the program gives support not only for children but facilitating conditions to establish sustainable income generation for parents.
“We are also giving different technical trainings for unemployed youth in Addis and Adama,” said Dr. Getahun. “After the training BHO will help them establish market oriented enterprises,” he added.  
In collaboration with Labour and Social Affairs’ Agency of Oromia the organization has also established a community transformation centre in Debre Zeit town, enhancing the area’s community in different skills. In addition the organization has also constructed an education facility in Debre Zeit for children from empowered families and three other remote areas in Sidama Zone. “We also have a kindergarten in Addis and we are scheduled to open similar facilities in every sub city in the  in the near future,” Dr Getahun said.
The NGO is working in Oromia, Amhara, Tigrai, Southern Nation and Nationality People and Addis Ababa. The development programs are classified in five different parts with community transformation as one of the components. On this part the NGO is giving different quick fix trainings that will allow the trainees to commence their own businesses within a short period.
Medical equipments for several hospitals, clean water programs and other aid programs are part of the programs undertaken by the NGO.