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Exhibit depicts climate change’s effect

Glamour Image Photo Gallery and Studio officially opened a photograph exhibition entitled Realize the Pledge on July 9, 2012 at The National Museum.
Realize the Pledge is a follow up from last year’s similar event in connection with the World Environment Day 2012.
A total of 100 photographs by Binyam Mengesha highlighting the lives of real people from sedentary farming, agro-pastoralist and pastoral areas especially marginalized communities were exhibited. The exhibit displays their experiences of dealing with the effects of environmental degradation and climate change, Industrial pollution and efforts at reversing it.
This photograph exhibition has the objective of creating awareness and sensitivity to environmental and climate change. A similar event was organized last year on how communities are increasingly becoming vulnerable to the havocs of environmental degradation and climate change and how they are trying to cope.
On a side event, as part of the exhibition a dramatization play took place, where characters impersonated people who have been inflicting damage on the environment; emancipated, renouncing their acts and making pledges.
A follow up panel discussion on the topic Environment and Corporate Responsibility is also scheduled to take place in August.
The photograph exhibition will be open to the public for 16 days beginning from July 9, 2012.
Glamour Image photo Gallery and Studio was established in 2005. The studio provides photography services on areas such as fashion, landscape and wildlife, portraits, reportage and travel. It also gives trainings.