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Netherlands contributes to MDG Pool Fund

Netherland joins the donors’ club  signing a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Ministry of Health on Friday July 20, 2012. Netherlands gave funding for the MDG Pool that amounts to over USD 43 million for the next four years.
“We are happy to be supporting the Ethiopian health care system because health is the biggest single cluster of issues that societies are facing globally. Ethiopia is making tremendous progress in the area of health,” stated Hansen Blank Berg, Ambassador of Netherlands to Ethiopia.
With the Netherlands fund added to the MDG Pool Fund, it brings the total funding to USD 150 million per year.
“The MDG performance so far has been very impressive; we all know that the health MDG is the toughest of all the other MDGs to achieve. If you continue to do a good job, by 2035 you will achieve a standard that is highly commendable worldwide,” stated the Ambassador.
The ambassador also stated that having a donor was nothing to be ashamed of because almost all countries struggle with health issues, it is very important to have nongovernmental, civil societies and private sector hands on deck to help the government achieve those goals.
The MDG Pool Fund that started in 2010, is where donors give money not to a specific area of health issue but for any issue that needs the most attention. So far there are ten donors that are part of the MDG Pool Fund. 
“Everybody has its own guidelines which are very different from country to country and we used to plan based on these guidelines but that became very confusing at times,” stated Tedros Adhanom, Minister of Health.
The Minister also stated that compared to the previous arrangement, the new one has lifted a lot of pressure from the Ministry.
“Now we are using the funding based on our priority because the arrangement is very flexible,” he also stated.
The Minister further said that this fund will help them dare a very ambitious target and will help get better results.