Capital Ethiopia Newspaper

Redeate Getahun

Name: Redeate Getahun

EDUCATION: BSC in Computer Science and Marketing Management
Company name: SAFE Journey Travel Agency
title: Manager
Founded: 2012
What it does: Issue airline tickets from various operators.
HQ: 22 Mazoria Quality Building
Number of Employees: One

Startup capital: 10,000 Birr   
Current capital: Growing

Reason for starting business: I became interested in the field after taking courses on the subject.
Biggest plus of ownership: You develop confidence and become more self reliant
Biggest strength: My ability to take smart risks and being dedicated to my work
Biggest weakness: Inability to penetrate into the market more effectively
Smartest Move: Using flyers and competitively advertising my business
Biggest Worry: Other competitors in the business 
Favorite task: Managing the business
Most challenging task: Integrating into the existing market 
Plan: Expanding the business
First Career: Airline ticket sales agent
Most Interested in meeting: Nelson Mandela
Most admired person: Abebech Gobena
Stress reducer: Working out
Favorite past time: Spending time with my children and friends
Favorite Book: The Magic of Thinking Big
Favorite Destination: Israel
Favorite Automobile: Toyota RAVA 4
Favorite Film: The Wedding Planner