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Signing in Philip Dedebit FC leads the transfer market

700 & 800 thousand Birr for two years contract should have been a standing comedy for Ethiopian football. But it appears real and an everyday phenomenon at Ethiopian premier league players transfer market. Dedebit FC leads the mad house transfer market.
Many are still in amazement Dedebit FC’s 700 thousand Birr signing fee for arguably the season’s number one midfielder Addis Hensa. However although it is not yet official the rumor is his team mate Dawit Fekadu is in negotiation to stay with the club for 800 Thousand Birr and both for a two year contract. Electric’s Nigerian striker Philip Dawzi also signs to Dedebit for 350000 Birr for a single season that go along with 1500 USD monthly salary meaning 27000 Birr per month maybe not only the highest paid footballer but also the  highest paid employee in the country. The season’s big surprise is said yet to come and from no other side than the new champions Saint George. The roamer is a record one million Birr to extend the contract of premier league top scorer with 23 goals Adane Girma. Determined to become the first side to win SECAFA Club championship staged in Addis Ababa next year, the speculation is that of Saint George to bring in number of foreign players thus it is quite in the mad house premier league transfer saga. Young guns who made it through the rank already started looking for new places in fear of losing starter positions. Many the sport’s critics suggest the coming year premier league season is likely to become a two horse race between Saint George and Dedebit FC.