Capital Ethiopia Newspaper

Student’s Achievement

Tigrai Regional State tells the story of a group of college graduates who organized themselves into a veritable work force in cobble stone trade and animal fattening.
Those students should be congratulated on their entrepreneurial talents. Generally, entrepreneurs are capital movers, developers and work creators.  Entrepreneurial endeavors could be best carried out with a minimum of two years technical education and a two year exposure to work environment. Nonetheless, although those young men and women embarked upon their present businesses as a transitory step to earn a living, they are on the right track to become entrepreneurs.  It is true that though entrepreneurial talent could be strengthened in individuals through appropriate exposure and training, there is no rule that bars college education for starters of new businesses, small or large.  In fact their diverse interdisciplinary college education will serve them as comfortable cushion towards the realization of their dreams.  So, I congratulate them again as entrepreneurship educator, on their endeavors to the right path of self-realization and as product developers in the broader sense of national development. Their pioneering move will serve other Ethiopian youth to think about such a move in a country where there are plenty of employees looking for jobs and where there are only few employers. Those young men and women have however proved themselves as prospective “employers.”
In this respect, I would like to mention one salient point. No public pronouncements or statements should be made that belittle college education and graduates—that will be defeating own schemes as college education is broader and lasting for a country’s overall development programmes.  Secondly, college education and academic disciplines are instrumental in carrying out research and development schemes for long range national interests, particularly in forging growth strategies. From what I gathered in previous years our college educational programs were not geared towards development schemes. This was a short coming. Otherwise, if everybody, graduates and non-graduates, think only about accumulation of capital to become entrepreneurs, all other disciplines that would lead to research and innovation would be in jeopardy or ignored and will be replaced by the deformed new culture of money making only.  Scientists that we aspire to create, politicians that we want to groom, medical doctors that we want to be serving the commoner and the rich unbiased, engineers that we desire to see under bridges and in the hinterland, etc. will vanish into the market place and will never be available at their posts unless we fetch them desperately in the money-making fields.  Let God help us to be clean citizens of our land!
Thank you,
Tafessework Wondimu