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Tecno inaugurates its second factory

Tecno Telecom, a company headquartered in Hong Kong that assembles mobile phones in Ethiopia has inaugurated its second assembly plant in less than a year. The new plant has a capacity to assemble 200 thousand units of handsets per month. Previously they had the capacity to install 60 thousand units. The telecom company has already introduced 13 different brands including a smart phone.
“The demand for our product has skyrocketed. Its growth is beyond our expectations. Currently, we are selling everything we make because the demand exceeds the supply. That is why we implemented the second phase of our project,” said Levi Girma, Partner of Tecno Telecom Ethiopia Limited.        
Tecno entered Ethiopian market in September 2011, five years after its establishment. The company plans to manufacture mobiles phones in Ethiopia in the near future and when it does it expects to be able to make 400 thousand units every month. Currently, the company is assembling 70 thousand pieces per month pushing the installed capacity of the factory by 10 thousand more units.
The company sold 18 million Tecno Mobile handsets in Africa in 2011, making it one of the top ten mobile phone marketers in Africa, say their partner.
There are more than 18 million mobile phone subscribers in Ethiopia currently.  This number is expected to jump to 40 million in the next three years. Including Tecno, there are two other mobile phone assemblers in Ethiopia; Tana Mobile which assembles another Chinese brand and Sami Mobile which assembles Samsung handsets.
The company owns three mobile phone parts manufacturing factory which have a combined capacity of producing 20 million parts in China.   
Tecno Telecom has created 93 job opportunities. This includes eight Chinese expatriates. When the second factory becomes fully operational, the company will have 315 staff. This number will reach 615 when the company starts manufacturing mobile phones during their third phase of project implementation. 
In 2011, 1.6 billion different brands of mobile phones were shipped globally.