Addis street sweepers may soon be thing of past


The Cleaning Management Agency of the Addis Ababa City Administration will import ten modern street vacuums to sweep city streets. Getachew Ambaye, general manager of the city administration, said that the agency, has received 37 million birr for the vacuums.  The agency floated an international tender a few months ago and currently in the evaluation process.
About half of the residential solid waste generated in Addis Ababa is organic and it is about 290,000 tons per year. Paper accounts for 12.21pct and plastics 12.43pct. Textile, metal and glass make up a smaller percentage of the waste dumped at 2.98pct, 2.15pct and 3.22pct, respectively.
In addition to that the agency has developed a strategy to improve revenue collected from the city for cleaning services. According to sources, the agency plans to earn 200 million birr per year from the previous 70 million birr.
Currently the agency employs people to clean public roads throughout the city and that will mean a reduction the amount of people employed to clean city roads. Due to lack of the use of modern technology the collection of solid and liquid disposal in the city covers about 60 percent of the total amount generated.
Getachew told Capital that the vacuum cleaners clean the major roads and place difficult for human workers to maintain.
He said that one vacuum cleaner machine can clean five kilometers.
“Initially we will begin with ten machines but in the future we will add more,” he said.
Recently Addis also installed a lift management system, undertaken with the support of INSA to modernize the collection of waste disposal by electronically monitoring trash collection.