Amha Hailu


Name: Amha Hailu
Education: BSC in Microbiology
Company name: Ethio Mushroom
Title: Managing Director
Founded: 2008
What it does:  Mushroom spawn production, marketing and distribution
HQ: 22 Mazoria, Midre Kebd Building 3rd floor
Number of Employees: 20

Startup capital: 100,000 Birr   
Current capital: Growing

Reason for starting business: Because we believe in the product and great that it has health benefits
Biggest plus of ownership: Learning new skills and upgrading the business mentality
Biggest strength: Creating media awareness about the health benefits of mushrooms
Biggest weakness: Capabilities of the laboratory and transportation services
Smartest Move: Creating connections with the Ministry of Health and other health centers
Biggest Worry: Getting more species of non-toxic mushrooms
Favorite task: Promoting the products
Most challenging task: Changing the public’s negative perception about mushrooms
Plan: Further expanding the business in Addis Ababa and regional cities
First Career: Phlebotanist for the NHS of UK
Most admired person: Jesus
Stress reducer: Exercising and playing sports
Favorite past time: Hanging out with friends
Favorite Book: Bruner Medical books
Favorite Destination: Ethiopia
Favorite Automobile: I love Motorbikes