Counting 20


The Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church (E.O.C) Abune Paulos celebrated the 20th year coronation of the church at a lavish ceremony

held in Sheraton Addis on July 23rd in the presence of high officials from other religious orders such as from the Ethiopian Catholic Church and the Ethiopian Supreme Islamic Council. Also in attendance were high government officials such as the Minister of Health Tewodros Adhanom (Dr.) and Deputy Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn as well as high flying businesspeople such as Samuel Tafesse;   owner of Sunshine Real Estate and Construction Company. The program depicted the Patriarch’s life story starting from his early priest hood during the imperial times and his persecution during the military junta, Derg , when he spent seven years in prison. It also showed his subsequent exile in the United States where he continued his ministry and finally after the fall of the military junta his coronation and the work done on behalf of E.O.C. during the last two decades. The program also saw the unveiling of a 25 minute biographical documentary film chronicling Abune Paulos, close relatives and colleagues.