FEACC probing “possible malpractice” in condo allotment


The Addis Ababa city Government is working closely with the Federal Ethics and anti-Corruption Commission to probe into a faulty process in the transfer of the city’s burgeoning condominium housing projects sources told Capital. An Addis Ababa City official who preferred anonymity said that the FEACC has been watching the transfer process closely.
“The Commission’s involvement is not because there is corruption but to see if the process is transparent or not,” he said.
Getachew Hailemariam, chief of Addis Ababa City Housing Development and Construction Office however denied any knowledge of corruption allegations because of the allotment of condominium sites in Kality and Lideta or abuse by some prospective condo owners or any inquiry by FEACC.
The city government however stated that it will take any reports of abuse of the condominium housing allotment very seriously and will act on them if and when they are verified to be factual.
Getachew said there are approximately 61,000 condo houses that have either been finished or are under construction that have yet to be transferred to prospective owners.
The city can sell and transfer a condo house if at least 80 percent of the construction is finished.
Getachew further said the transfer of condo houses to prospective owners which had been suspended for the last two years is going to be restarted. This will occur in Lideta where 1,985 ‘model’ condominium houses are slated to be handed over.
The ‘model’ condo houses will have paved roads, cobblestone streets, green areas and other amenities to make them more hospitable. 
Out of the 1,985 condo houses 114 of them are slated for commercial purposes.
The city government had planned to transfer about 10,000 condominium houses in the last fiscal year but it failed to do so.  There are 115 houses that began construction last year that are soon to be transferred to their new owners.
“We’ve not yet set the price of the various sized condo houses we plan to sell in the current fiscal year, but for now the price is the same as 2010,” said Getachew adding that an evaluation of the current supply and price of construction materials and living conditions may mean the price will change.
The City has spent around 4.4 billion birr to build the condo houses and they plan to spend more in the future.  There are over 80,000 previous and new housing projects and estimates are that around 66,000 have earned a living because of the condo construction.  In the near future there are plans to transfer 20, 330 condo houses in Bole, Lideta and Nifas Silk and Lafto.