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The Documents Authentication and Registration Office (DARO) says they are proud of what they have accomplished this year. 
The public attorney’s office which handles cases for Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa City Administrations has concluded the 2011/12 fiscal year by handling more cases than they had anticipated.
DARO handled over 399,000 cases last fiscal year. This was 112 percent of its target.
DARO, since reforming its operation over the past couple of years, has served 767,009 clients, or 116 percent of the target goals of 659,120.
The business oriented authentication office has earned over 116 million birr (over 102 percent of the year’s target) in public service charges.
This year saw 22pct more cases, 24 pct more clients and 20pct more revenue than last year.
According to the authentication office report they believe the growth is a result of  an increase of foreign direct investment, service automation and branch expansion, and online service for client.
Modern technology has also been implemented in the office that handles customer service.
Since the beginning of the fiscal year DARO introduced online attorney registration service and several clients have taken advantage of the opportunity. Now people don’t need to visit a notary office to authenticate legal documents. 
With online registration clients only need to come to the DARO office for notarization. The new technology makes the registration process easier and faster and accessible anywhere.
The online registration system is being undertaken by Custor Computing Plc, a local IT firm, in collaboration with the Information Communication Technology Development Agency, and is being installed in every DARO branch.
The business oriented public office, under the Ministry of Justice provides services up to 3,000 clients per day and has a goal of expanding its performance as outlined in the GTP. The office had targeted earning over half a billion birr in the final year of the GTP.
In the last year the office has added four more branches in Addis Ababa. The head office at DARO provided services from its eleven branches including the Dire Dawa office.