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The Addis Ababa City Road Authority (AACRA) claims to have poured 345.3 million birr to buy over 1.2 million pieces of cobblestones produced by local enterprises.

AACRA also announced that it has constructed a 3,731Km road including asphalt, gravel, cobblestone, sidewalks and bridges in the concluded budget year surpassing its target of increasing city road coverage from 3512Km to 3558Km.

“Cobblestone projects have a lot of stakeholders but mainly it is the responsibility of AACRA to oversee the work,” said Fekade Haile, General Manager of AACRA.

In the just concluded Ethiopian budget year, 186Km cobblestone road has been constructed. Out of the total figure, 68Km was constructed through the involvement of the community, 78Km by the authority, 30Km both by the community and authority and the remaining 10Km by Gulele Nursery Center.

They also planned to construct 18.60Km of asphalt roads this year but managed to fulfill only 80 percent of its target which is 14.80Km. The authority maintained 13.5Km of asphalt against its plan of maintaining 20Km.

AACRA encountered  property damage estimated to cost 840,000 birr on the ring road while property damage in other areas amounted to 1.1 million birr in the just concluded budget year.

The authority consumed one million birr more than its capital budget which was over one billion birr.

AARCA is also trying to figure out the problem related to traffic congestion.

“We see that there are still some traffic problems in the city in the areas like Mexico. To solve those kinds of problems we need to work on road intersections. There are also problems with quality of roads, those problems occur also because of the contractors,” argued the general manager.

There are 2,450 enterprises with 35,162 members who are involved in cobblestone projects in Addis Ababa. There are more than 2,000 cobblestones enterprises in four production centers producing just  over 128 million cobblestones of different sizes.