Biniam Mengesha


Name: Biniam Mengesha

Eucation: Advanced Diploma, Online Photography

Company name: Glamour Image Photo Gallery and Studio Studio title: Owner and manager

Founded: October 2004

What it does: Culture and tourism photography service, organizing photography exhibitions

HQ: Worku building on the road between 22 and Tele Medhanealem

Number of Employees: 2

Reason for starting business: Passion for photography

Biggest plus of ownership: Getting the chance to upgrade the art of photography

Biggest strength: My persistence

Biggest weakness: My impatience

Smartest Move: Designing a state of the art website and having good connections with foreign organizations

Biggest Worry: Organizing an exhibition that would be attractive to the public

Favorite task: Customer handling

Most challenging task: Orienting the public on art photography

Plan: Widening the knowledge of art photography

First Career: Automotive engineer

Most admired person: Atse Menelik

Most interested in meeting: None so far

Stress reducer: swimming

Favorite past time: Reading books

Favorite Book: Holy Bible

Favorite Destination: Arba Minch

Favorite Automobile: Toyota Land cruiser

Favorite Film: Passion of the Christ