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The Ethiopian Revenue and Customs Authority (ERCA) added an extra week to the August 6th deadline for Group “C” taxpaying businesses based in Addis Ababa to report their end of the year earnings. The new extended deadline expires on August 14.

Businesses in this category have an annual sales turnover of less than 100,000 birr and pay a gross estimated annual tax amount and are not expected to collect Value Added Tax (VAT). 

ERCA has sub-categories for taxpaying citizens written in alphabetical form with Group “A” taxpayers being those with annual sales turnover of over 500,000 Birr and formed under a Private Limited Company, while the next category Group “B” are those having an annual sales turnover ranging from 100,000 birr to 500,000 birr.

Businesses under the Group “A” Tax bracket that have monthly obligations such as collecting VAT on behalf of the Revenue Authority from their customers and making payment every month have been given deadlines up to November 9 while businesses under the Group “B” Tax bracket have been given a time limit up to September 10.

Ephrem Mekonen Public Relations Head at ERCA said taxes from Addis Ababa based businesses are collected by the Authority as part of delegated powers given to it by the Addis Ababa city Administration. The collected tax money will eventually fill the coffers of the City Administration.

The Authority estimates that there are around 200,000 businesses that fall under the Group “C” category.

AA city administration is the only regional government which has delegated its power of tax revenue collection to ERCA so far.

Other regional governments and the Dire Dawa City council collect the tax for these groups of taxpayers through their own offices.

ERCA is the federal body charged with collecting tax, facilitating trade and enforcing security related tax issues.

The Authority plans by 2020 to be a leading, fair and modern tax and customs administration that will finance most government expenditures through domestic tax revenue collection.

In related news sources told Capital that the Director General of ERCA, Melaku Fenta, is expected to give a press conference next week detailing the Authority’s performance during the just concluded fiscal year and outline its vision for the just started 2012/13 fiscal year.